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FEEF: Federation of Expeditious Excursion Facilitation

What is FEEF?

  • For the player: A joinable adventuring guild with unique perks at each of the organizations ranks.

  • For the GM: A mercenary minded cabal of organizers who take jobs from nobility and profit from their completion by both its own members and random adventurers.

How do you include FEEF in your 5e game?

  • Create an NPC to be a point of contact with your party, anything from a scruffy guy running a job board in a tavern, to a secretary at a large hall in a city that has walls covered in sticky notes with jobs on each.

  • Then, depending on how the organization fits into the world, they can be a source of side missions to campaigns, giving players a less railroad like experience.

  • The quests themselves can be homebrew, sourced from third parties, or of course you can check out our line of setting neutral Expeditious Excursions!

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Rarlo Ghaac Island (Small Setting)

  • What world is really complete without a unique island or five? Add another to your arsenal with Rarlo Ghaac.

What's Included?

  • World building & plot hook ideas.

  • A full set of environmental hazards, with optional rules for dealing with them.

  • Unique feature: The Waters of Ghaac

  • New Plants: Temporal Coral, The Purple Phantom, Bluum-Muurhs, Wizgnoe Mushroom

  • New Creatures: Disregarder, Borgan

  • VTT Compatible Maps & Tokens: 2 maps of the island (Surface and Underground) Token for Borgan and Disregarder

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Galifax's Guide To Everything Evil

Created By
Jay Davidson x Inferential Studios

Learn about the dark and dangerous corners of the multiverse from the rogue who’s seen it all in this advanced supplement for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. This all-encompassing guide is great for both players and DMs who want to run a villainous campaign or add more sinister elements into their stories and is recommended for players of any experience level.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Advice on how to create great evil-themed stories and characters.

  • Tips for player inclusion and safety while running your evil campaign.

  • A new archetype for ALL 13 character classes!

  • Over 35 new items, tools, and magical treasures.

  • A Bestiary with new good-aligned monsters to throw at your evil party.

  • New rules to help grow your own evil empire.

  • And more!

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Circle of Standing Stones

Stone represents standing the test of time and weathering the challenges that come. As such, druids of this circle use stone to help them do the same.

This tankish druid archetype includes:
Overview, RP Ideas, Feats, Quick References, and Two Flavor Variants.

Quick Feat Breakdown:

  • Magical stone shield that appears from thin air, tied to a pool of essence (d4s) that scale with level.

  • Knock your enemies off balance in an area of effect giving them disadvantage on attack.

  • Damage resistance.

  • Turn your enemies into stone.

Protect yourself! Protect your allies! Protect your... pet rock.

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College of Precision

“If you can’t hit the target, don’t take the shot.”
-Haarazataka Che’To, Founder of the College of Precision

Full of RP Ideas & Feats that help your bard hit their mark!

Bonus Item: Haarazataka’s Gaze, Magical Dagger

Full of RP Ideas & Feats that help your bard hit their mark!

Bonus Item: Haarazataka’s Gaze, Magical Dagger

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Mafnacaro - The Magmaborn

A New Playable Race for 5th Edition!

“If you believe no person is an island, you’ve never met a mafnacaro.”

Sometimes refered to as magmaborn because of either their transition phase of life spent in a volcano or thier ability to weaponize magma with their vent weapons, mafnacaros are a uniquely individualistic race.

Includes everything you need to make a character:

  • Traits/stats

  • Pieces of lore about the mafnacaro's race & culture

  • Bits of their language

Unleash your firey inner self today!

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Expeditious Excursions - Low Level Bundle

Three setting neutral quick quests for your 5e game! Each of these is best played with a party of 1-5 characters of level 1-3.

  • Precarious Prisoner

  • A local jail has a problem, a partially escaped prisoner. They have escaped their cell, but not the basement their cell was in. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, will be to investigate the basement of the jail and capture, kill, or determine the fate of the prisoner.

  • Reigning Rats

  • A local tavern has a problem, rats in the basement. The rats are barricaded in one half of the basement. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, will be to speak to the tavern owner and restore the property to its rightful owner.

  • Sky Shells

  • An ancient species needs your help to hold off extinction for one more generation. The last living sky shell has laid a nest of eggs at the base of a nearby hill, called the soaring hill. Once they hatch the infant sky shells will have to make the long slow climb up the hill so that they can use the natural air geyser at its peak to launch themselves into their first flight. During this climb, the sky shells are vulnerable to predators. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to venture to the soaring hill and protect the sky shells as they make their climb.

Expeditous Excursions General Overview

  • Expeditious Excursions are freelance employment opportunities advertised & assigned by FEEF. The Federation of Expeditious Excursion Facilitation is an adventuring guild operating in every corner of the multi-verse!

  • If you’d like to include FEEF in your game on a recurring basis, check out the optional supplement of the same name below!

  • You can run these as one-shots, as add-ons to any other campaign, or turn a string of excursions into a campaign of their own.

  • While some excursions may be themed, (i.e. forest, desert, snow covered) they are setting neutral and the exact location of the objective is for the GM to decide along with various other homebrew opportunities.

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Amphail Asylum

A 2 hour one shot on the Sword Coast, in reach of Waterdeep & Phandalin! Scalable for groups of different sizes and levels!

  • Help Admiral Frizac Gileren find his missing sibling

  • Advance through the first floor maze

  • Solve a magical puzzle

  • Find Redaq

  • Suffer the consequences

Enter if you dare.

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Expeditious Excursions (#4) Dormant Dungeon

Nearby, there is an old dungeon entrance that was sealed hundreds of years ago. This dungeon is on the private property of a noble, who would like it opened. Your mission should you choose to accept it will be to travel to the entrance, and open the door by any means. The following clues have been passed down through the generations to aid in opening this door.
“Twenty-Five Produce The Five.” & “Create Stacks To Break The Wax.”

This adventure is best played with a group of 1-5 characters of level 4-6.

Includes VTT Compatible Map!

Click on the preview page or the Expeditious Excursions Bundle below for more general info on this line of quick quests.